Monday, March 30, 2009

Fun Links!

Okay, one of the reasons I am re-activating this blog is to keep updated on all of my favorite blogs without checking all of the links or repeatedly checking my e-mail. So, to the right, you will see a list of my favorite, favorite blogs. These are great, and I definitely recommend checking all of them out at least once. Enjoy!

P.S. Well, don't check them out if you are not in the least bit interested in saving money, making crafts, or cooking. Those are my loves right now.

Update: Girliness is Overrated

The baby girl is here! Well, she is 4 1/2 months old now. The long-overdue blog update: the girliness is dispensed. I thought I would be so thrilled with all the girly things that came with having a baby girl, but I have discovered that I'm not quite down with the frilliness. Examples:

The cute baby booties: Yep, after hours of crocheting a cute little 3-6 mo. size pair like the ones in the previous post, my then 2-month old daughter's feet were waaay to big to shove into them.

Little girly dresses: Late in my pregnancy, I started on a cute newborn jumper...and finished it 5 months later. Needless to say, the baby girl by that time was too big for the dress. Also, trying to shove those huge feet into little tights after yet another diaper change is no fun for anyone.

Cute girly headbands: I made a few of these, and I still don't quite understand how to use them. Do you put the headband on the baby's head when you go out in pubilc? Wouldn't it be obstructed by the snow hood baby is still wearing, because it is still snowing? If you use them at home, wouldn't you just have to remove them repeatedly for naps and floor time? I know I wouldn't want my soft head being squeezed by a tight band, but I might go for it if people kept thinking I was a boy.

What I have learned is that your girliness most likely rubs off on your girl. I am definitely not an accessories-wearing, handbag-slinging, high-heeled fashionable lady. I am all about casual comfort. So, that baldish baby in the gray sweatpants and striped socks? That would be my daughter.

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