Friday, February 19, 2010

Coco's T-shirt Tunic

Time to start trying out some of those cool T-shirt projects! Using the Sienna Dress Pattern, I made Coco this tunic out of some shirts in my giveaway bag. It is supposed to be a dress, but she has huge cloth diaper booty and long legs! Now I know to size up! The pattern was really easy and fun. It only took an hour, so that is my kind of project!

P.S. For the fam, she is eating a mojo and I used Kelsy's old shirts!
Monday, February 8, 2010

New Ideas for Old Shirts

While going through my bookmarked links, I realized I had a ton of links for recycled t-shirt projects. So here are those links, all in one place. Hooray! I love that there are so many re-fashioning ideas out there!

The Flirty Skirt, made from a man's XL t-shirt:

The Sienna Dress, for girls 6m-6 years, made from 2 or 3 old t-shirts. I actually just bought this pattern, since 100% of the sale went to Haiti. I have the dress cut but am just gearing myself to sew the tricky, stretchy knit:

Learn how to make yarn from your old t-shirts here.

Ruffled Scarf Tutorial (made from an old shirt):

Make a toddler dress and headband from one shirt:

If you have two t-shirts that are similar, you can make a rosette tee:

or a beautiful ruffle shirt:

These are just my favorites out of tons of ideas I've seen. I love all of the recycling, repurposing projects out there. I am kind of sad when I think about all of the cool t-shirts I have gotten rid of!

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