Friday, October 18, 2013

30 Before/During/After 30 Part 1

It's been a while since I looked at this, so I thought it would be fun to post. Then I got tired of writing halfway down, so this is the first half! 

My 30 Before 30 List*
*I turned 30 in June, so I am giving myself another year!
  1. Memorize 10 poems. Progress--3 down (Invictus by William Henly, Litany by Billy Collins, and Wild Geese by Mary Oliver.  There were a couple of others, but I forgot them!) Currently working on Soldier of Fortune by Robert Service.
  2. Memorize 5 piano pieces. Progress--Memorized the 1st page of the Downton Abbey theme song. 6 more pages to go on that one. Guess I should practice more!
  3. Read a mind-stretching church book. Progress--None. I need recommendations, but no Hugh Nibley please--I am not quite there yet!
  4. Have a repertoire of great vegan dinners. Progress--Pretty good! I have gotten some really good recipes lately, but I am at like 7 consistent recipes and would like 20.
  5. Sew at least one wearable dress. Progress--Completed! I made a green dress that I wore on St. Patrick's Day!
  6. Get the best abs of my life. Just abs. Progress--Ummm, I am going to say that I did have very very good abs about a week before I got pregnant with baby #4. Those abs were a result of a new gym membership and a no-grains diet. The gym, the abs, and the no-grains are a no-go for me right now, though. Boo.
  7. Build a stylish, fun wardrobe. Progress--Pregnancy-stalled until further notice.
  8. Increase my knowledge of family history. Progress--Completed! I have been on both mine and my husband's family search pages a lot and have read several journal entries of my ancestors. Knowledge increased!
  9. Pick an actor, series, or genre, and watch the complete works. Progress--Still can't decide which actor/series/genre to follow, although I have watched all 5 seasons of Parks and Rec in the past couple of months. Does that count? I am considered everything and anything Patrick Stewart, since it just seems like he can do no wrong...although that is a lot of Star Trek to watch!
  10. Read a book about Joseph Smith. Progress--Again, I need a good book recommendation!
  11. Teach myself blog design. Progress--Nada. My computer time has been very limited lately.
  12. Get caught up on baby books. Progress--I got caught up and then got pregnant, so now I have an entirely new book to start!
  13. Take a class. Progress--Incomplete. Which class? Hmmm...
  14. Create something out of a new-to-me medium/process. Progress: Completed! The kids and I spent an afternoon making doll food out of polymer clay, which was awesome and cute!
  15. Have a good exercise regimen going. Progress--I did for a while but have since fallen off. Exercise for me is a weekly class plus a couple of nights a week of the exercise bike or prenatal pilates.  Definitely need to step this one up!

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