Monday, April 25, 2011

Not good but also great


Not good: Cosette won't grow hair on the top of her head. So, she gets mistaken for a boy sometimes if she is not in dresses.

Great: Coco loves dresses. Also great, the pattern I used to make her dress (in above pic)--super easy and came out exactly as I pictured it. Double bonus: the fabric was $2 a yard. Super double bonus: My new sewing machine is super awesome and so fast it almost levitates off the table.

Not good: I am on the last week of the Brazil Butt Lift program. I have had this program for a year and have not stuck with it, because it is the most annoying workout I have ever done. I am finally doing it, because I talked my hubby into giving me $50 if I finished it. I have learned this about myself--I need incentives in order to have self-discipline! Also, the video should mention that Brazil Butts are big. This is NOT a workout program designed to slim you down but rather to give you a butt. Oops--I already had one. I can now no longer zip up my jeans and buttons have actually popped off a pair of my pants. Thanks, Brazil and your love of big butts.

Great: Even though I hate this workout program, I learned to look forward to it. I now put it on mute and listen to awesome podcasts instead of Leandro's urges to "no be shy--shake what you got". My favorites are NPR's Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and Stuff You Missed in History Class. Any other good ones?

Not Good: Justin Bieber's "Baby". No, sorry, just no...but...

Great: Neon Tree's cover of Justin Bieber's "Baby". Oh, yes, we play this often in this house:

So there you go...when life gives you lemons, take 'em...cause hey, free lemons!
Friday, April 8, 2011

What the heck is a salopette?

One of my students said she went shopping with her teenage daughter and bought her a salopette. I had no idea what she was talking about since it's French, but she sketched it for me and I knew immediately. This is a salopette:

They are all the rage here! What is the English word for this? A one-piece? Capri-length denim short-alls are really popular right now, too.

As are floral print hoodies like this:

All the cool mamas wear these!

And these boots are really popular here, as are cowboy boots with actual lace all over them:

But the biggest fashion trend right now is:

Shorts with tights! Everyone here wears shorts with tights, from little girls to grown women.

I can't get away with any of these styles, because, you know, I am like an Extra-Large here. I think Japanese people can pretty much wear anything and look good, and I think it is so fun to window-shop. Are shorts with tights popular in the U.S. now, too?


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