Sunday, June 16, 2013

Turning 30!

Last summer, I made a 30 Before 30 list. I was a little too ambitious.
I put down such grand goals as memorize 10 poems (4 down!) and memorize 10
piano pieces (hmmm...seeing as I never get a chance to play the piano without a child crawling on me, this one was a bad idea).

However, I did cross a few things off--and one of them was go to the L.A. Fabric District, which I did, on my birthday!

I dragged my prego best friend along, and she was such a good sport. Thanks, Ru!

I didn't take many pictures, but we had a good time.  I get easily overwhelmed, so I had mapped everything out and only went to the few shops that I had read good reviews about.

One of them was Michael Levine loft, where we spent most of our time (see Ru sitting on that big pile of fabric? Yeah, we were there a while).  It is basically a big loft full of cardboard boxes you dig through and pay $2.50 a pound for what you find.
It was awesome.
Here's what I got:

I got yards of ribbing, jersey fabric, interlock knit, sweatshirt knit, stretch chambray, chiffon, and a cool bird print fabric.

I got many, many, many yards of fabric for around $25. Take that, Joann's!
Afterwards, we went to the Flower District, which was fun.
And then hit Friday L.A. traffic, which was not so fun!

When I got back, my sister and her family were there from Arizona, so it was so nice to have them celebrate!

Fox made me an origami hat. I am wiped out at this point :)

And marshmallow peanut-butter cup brownies.  I hadn't had sugar in a while. Probably a bad choice of dessert!

I had a great day and learned a lot.  Like most of the fabric district is pretty sleazy, but some of it is cool...and parking is crazy.  But I successfully drove in downtown L.A. without getting flipped off (like last time :) )

I am excited to be 30! I feel like it gives me some credibility with the amount of kids I have, if that makes sense. Here's to the next decade!


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