Tuesday, March 15, 2011

More Dolls

I love dolls. Kokeshi Dolls. Owie Dolls. Waldorf Dolls. Quints dolls (my lil' sis and I scored some on eBay!)Yep, that's right I force allow my kids to play with my Quints.

I just love dolls. Even Barbie dolls--I can't wait until Coco is into them!

Matryoshka dolls are kind of trendy right now, especially in Japan, but I'm running with it. You can't deny cuteness!

Here's what I got for Christmas:

Matryoshka Measuring Cups! In all honesty, these guys are more cute than functional. I use them everyday, but it's kind of a pain to have to disassemble the doll to get to the 1/4 cup. Worth it, though :)

So, I decided that it would be fun to do a Matryoshka themed kitchen/bathroom. Yes--my toilet is in the kitchen, behind a door next to the stove. I think that is why there are 3 sinks in the room,too, for good measure as you leave the area.
Anyways, here is the "toire" with some cute wall stickers:

And then my hubby gave me $10 and left me alone in the store to get whatever I wanted. That made my day. Here's less than half of what I got:

(a trivet, spoon rest, door hanger, and furoshiki cloth)

So cute! And yes, everything pictured above (including the wall stickers) were from the dollar store! You know you want to live here now!

I also got a pile of cute chopsticks, including trainer chopsticks for the kiddos. And Coco got a Care-bear bento box and matching cup and cup sack. She will only eat and drink out of these now. More cuteness!

P.S. I realize that this blog lately is all about stuff I've purchased. Well, non-clothes/swimsuit/grocery shopping makes me happy!

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