Sunday, March 23, 2008

So Much for No Sugar

My mom just sent me a bag of my favorite Easter candy, Hershey's milk chocolate candy coated eggs. So much for cutting back on the sweets. My hubby has told me he wants to go a year without candy. I agreed...and then laughed nervously...and then grabbed some more candy.

Meanwhile, I have made a felt cake! It is so cute and small. I just need to add the whipped cream and the strawberry. The cake was no problem, but the felt whipped cream seems intimidating.
Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sweet Treats

One thing I love about living in Japan is the sweets shops. Who'd have guessed that there would be cake factories and patisseries around every corner here? I am often found stuck in the bakery section of the grocery store, just admiring the beautiful creations. In the food courts of department stores, you can often find Mr. Donut and little crepes shops. Crepes (or omelet cakes) are very popular here. I love watching the crepe maker at work---drizzling the batter into a huge circle, flipping it expertly, and then filling that bad boy with bananas and whip cream. Yum!
Since I figure I'm only here once, I have a habit of buying a new sweet every time I go shopping. They are just so beautifully made. However, I know that my fun must come to an end. I need to buy new pants, and I'm already an XL here. Yikes! So, I am now going to attempt to get my sweet fix through something that won't pack on the pounds: felted sweet treats!
Felted Sweet Treats (I think the donuts sold me):

Crepes and Cream Puffs:

Little cakes, that look exactly like the ones in sweet shops:

Cinnamon rolls that look good enough to eat!

I think I'm going to start small and maybe make a chocolate. The instructions are in Japanese, but the diagrams are clear. Let's see!
Friday, March 7, 2008


I love crafts. I aspire to be crafty. It is my dream to be able to sew something other than a plastic bag holder. Usually, I become fixated on a specific project that will remain nagging at me until I attempt to complete it. Attempt. If you were to look in my craft box at home (it's easy to spot--the lid doesn't close!), you will find:

-A lampshade frame, metal punch, three bags of jump rings and 100 of my grandpa's old slides in attempt to make a slide-lamp (circa 2005).
-A tile cutter, four bags of tiles, grout, and acryclic paints in an attempt to make a mosaic pot (said pot is somewhere on my brother's balcony. Someone painted the word "Boo" on it, probably booing my sad attempt. What? The tiles wouldn't stay on!)
-79 granny squares of a 180 granny-square afghan (circa 2001 when I should have been studying economics).
-A half-embroidered hula girl hand towel and the box from my Sublime Stitching kit.
-A few ink-transfer pens, circa 2005 also, when I decided to make a screen print of Conan O'Brien. My one and only attempt.

and, sadly, in my craft bag here, you'll find 69 crocheted flowers of a 100-flower scarf, destined for the scrap heap.

However, I have finally almost redeemed myself. I made something that wasn't edible! Two somethings! Here they are:

A photo holder:

And my first amigurumi, Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba. I used this pattern. Not bad for my first try. I definitely learned some stuff.

And all I have to say is thank goodness for the amazing dollar stores here! Where your crafty aspirations will only cost you a few dollars. Wish I could say the same for my mosaic equipment...



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