Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Fabric

My sisters gave me fabric for my birthday! Yay! So I used it. Because it's cute.
I used it on my little Coco, of course! Sewing for little girls is not only easy and cheap but so fun. Just a little fabric goes a long way, and there are a bazillion sewing tutorials online for anything you could want to make. Cash is feeling neglected.

My sister Meg gave me some cute cherry fabric, destined to be a dress for Cosette. After she broke her collarbone, she needed something to wear that wouldn't require her to lift her arms over her head. So, this little tie-on sundress (tutorial here) was perfect:

My sister Larissa gave me some super cute Japanese fabric, which I love. I knew it would be cute as a little lined toddler backpack, and Cosette had been stealing her brother's Diego one. This backpack is little, but it looks even smaller over Cosette's collarbone brace:

Cosette likes to travel light like her mama and only fills it with a few goldfish crackers at a time! Observe the light-packing!

Poor Cash--every time I make something for Cosette, he asks if I can make him something, too. I am making him a pirate doll, but that might be a while!

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