Friday, November 5, 2010

The Waldorf Doll

Finally finished--after over a year! Granted that was not a year of complete work. There was a lot of handsewing with this one, so I needed to set her down a few months at a time, before I got the gumption to keep going with her. I really hate satin stich--the stitch used for embroidered eyes. It takes me a very very long time to get up the courage to go for it, and then I always end up picking out the stitches at least 4 times before I'm happy with it.
Anyways, I think I am addicted. I have been wanting to make one of these forever (remember this post?). I used a kit from Joy's Waldorf Dolls, which has since moved on to selling other things, but there are a lot of kits and materials to buy online. Despite all the handsewing, the final product is just so cute! I gave this doll to Coco for an early birthday present, and I definitely like it more than she does. Maybe one day she will get attached to it and name it. For now, she just tucks it into a doll bed and makes it sleep all day. That's fine with me...I think I want to make one for myself now!

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