Thursday, October 22, 2015

Watch, Read, Listen (Kids Edition)

              I love doing these little updates.
We are homeschooling again this year, so we have been
making lots of trips to the library and taking lots of music breaks.
Here's what my kids (and I) have been loving lately:

Watch: Mythic Warriors
Zeus is so concerned!

We are doing a mythology homeschool year this year, so we were excited to find the whole series of Mythic Warriors on Youtube (just type in Mythic Warriors). They are 20 minute cartoons about the Greek myths, and each one has a message (ie, "Don't be arrogant like Icarus or you'll get burned by your own ego"). Yes. Just a great little way to brush up on your Greek mythology.

Read: BFG by Roald Dahl

 We just read BFG for our kids' book club party.  It is such a cute read, but my kids started talking like the BFG, who has terrible grammar (I is going to guzzle my food...)
Still, it is such a sweet story, and I have a recipe for frobscottle, the BFG's favorite drink, that looks really yummy--raspberry syrup, ice cream, and sprite!

We are listening to a ton of music lately. Here are my kids' favorites right now:
Cash: Do it Anyway by Ben Folds
Arthur: Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
Quincy: Cheerleader as performed by Walk off the Earth
Cosette: Drag Me Down as performed by Walk off the Earth

We watch a lot of Walk off the Earth music videos on Youtube :)
Coco is mad that Zayn has left One Direction, so we don't listen to their stuff anymore but we'll listen to their covers.  (Okay, I am mad that Zayn left 1D. Coco's favorite is Liam :] )

So that's what we've been spending our free time on!
Someone else share!



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