Friday, October 22, 2010

The Sadie Shirt

I did the Sadie Shirt sew-a-long this week with Craftiness Is Not Optional, one of my favorite crafty blogs. While the sleeve length reminds me of a Chinese grandpa's pajamas, this was a really fun project, and my family appreciated me sewing a little bit a day, rather than trying to finish a project late at night. The shirt is super lightweight, which is perfect for Coco, who generally hates things touching her skin. She will scream bloody murder if any blanket touches her feet at night. It has to be draped just so over her upper body.

Very weird kid with a very weird mullet, but I love her!
Tuesday, October 19, 2010

So random, it's trendy...

There is a big mustache trend going on right now, which I think is so random and funny. I am a huge Glee fan, and I really loved Kurt's mustache shirt a couple of weeks ago:

So, I copied that idea for a shirt for Cash:

Hmm...some toddler fingers have been smudging my camera lens...
Anyways, I used a dollar store t-shirt, freezer paper stenciling, and the template found here. Cash loved this shirt, which I didn't expect. (But I honestly think it's less about the mustaches and more that I actually made something that wasn't for Coco).
Here are some other mustache-y things I love:
Prudent Baby featured some mustache lollipops--

--and the mold is only a couple bucks at Bake It Pretty

Etsy has tons of mustache items (giant mustache pillow, anyone?), but vinylsoul's Mustache Mugs are my favorite:

Owls, cupcakes, mustaches...what will be next? Oh the cuteness!
Monday, October 18, 2010

Done! And Moving On...

So, I decided to not buy any fabric/craft supplies in the month of September, going along with the Stashbusting September challenge. And...I did it! Well, almost. I did buy a 5-yard knit fabric bolt from Wal-Mart for $5 on the 28th. It was so cheap, was cheap! I have a pattern for a knit dress that needs to be used, and I can also make shirts for the kids, skirts, etc. So, I'll use that fabric up!

Anyways, I am so happy I did that little challenge, because I used up a lot of fabric that I had just sitting around. I took pictures of almost nothing I made, since I was too busy sewing, but here is a list anyways. In September, I made:

-- a shirt dress for Cosette (using the Sienna dress pattern I used here)

-- a long-sleeve peasant dress for Coco

-- a zippered skirt for myself (using this easy tutorial with zippers, yay!)

-- matching mother/daughter yoga skirts (using this wonderful tute)

-- 2 gathered clutches (from Noodlehead)that I actually took pics of, because they came out cute and have functioning zippers!

-- and I made progress on the kiddos' Owie Dolls. I am using them as travel buddies for our big move to Japan and am making them sleeping bags, too. Eesh.

--Oh, and a cute crochet headband which I will never wear, so check the pattern out and tell me if you would wear it. It's in an butterscotch/cinnamon color like in the photo.

Sewing makes me so happy, and fabric makes me even happier! What does NOT make me happy right now is how long it has taken me to finish the several different dolls I am working on. I bought a Waldorf doll kit last September to make and give to my daughter for her 1st birthday. Well, she will be 2 in a month and that doll is not finished at all. Yikes! Let's see if I can finish it up soon, although I pretty much hate its guts right now.

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