Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Things, part 2

This week, I am slowly playing along with this:

You are supposed to spend one hour a day sewing clothes for your kids, and since Coco is in desperate need of summer clothes, I thought I would give it a shot.

So far, it involves randomly printing out patterns from online and only finishing this little top:


This is blurry, but this is so Coco--always playful (when she's not moody):

And some other new things:

My Brazil Butt Lift program is finished! I only did 25 of the 30 days, though. There were so many squats and lunges that my knees were in great pain. My review of the whole thing: Definitely worth doing if you want a butt! After finishing up 2 weeks ago and refraining from squats and lunges, I am now fitting back into my pants! Who'd have thought that not exercising would do that trick?
Our friends are moving and gave us their elliptical. So, my next 30 days will be cardio and yoga/ballet/pilates videos. This time I am working on my posture more than anything!

And...I have a new English book! Fox got me Pillars of the Earth for Mother's Day. Hooray! Ken Follet is my sister's favorite author, but I have never read any of his books. So far so good, and it's nice and thick!

I just found our library's huge craft book section, and it is full of wonderful goodies! So, I am going to attempt to start crochet-pattern reading in Japanese diagrams.

Good things all around!


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