Friday, October 26, 2012

My Little Waitress...

I got a chance to test OwlyBaby's new Playdate dress pattern this week!

  I love to test patterns, because I always learn something new---and I am on a deadline, which is when I actually get focused and productive!

   The pattern itself was pretty easy to follow--I made quite a few mistakes, of course, so I am super happy that it came out looking okay!  Yay! Cosette actually put it on before the buttons were sewn on and refused to take it off, so that's a good sign!

So here is Coco in her cute little dress! I think she looks like a little waitress!

I used some medium-weight pink cotton for the dress, daisy buttons, and a small piece of my precious Japanese patchwork linen for the apron, which Coco calls her "napkin". And uses it as such.
Such a cutie, eh? But this is the real Coco...

Aahhh, 3 year olds! I see more of these dresses in the future for sure--if she is going to act like a zombie/vampire/pony, she needs to look girly doing it!
Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KCWC Day 2

  For Day 2, I crocheted my 3 year old a cat hat, as she doesn't really need more clothes.

The cat pose!

Okay, maybe she does need more clothes--I just didn't want to sew! She did need a hat, though :)

   After I put the kids to bed, I got way too caught up in a couple of episodes of Walking Dead Season 2 that just got put up on Netflix.  I have a weakness for zombie shows! I crocheted during the extremely scary parts.  This is just your basic beanie with some rough draft ears I attempted and a bow made from crocheting a strip and then wrapping yarn around the center to look like a bow. Tada!

After I put this hat on her, she found some face paint and wanted to be a cat.  She meowed on the couch for a good half hour like this.  Good times...

KCWC Day 1

This week is Elsie Marley's Kids Clothes Week Challenge!

    I always like to play along, because it is fun! Hundreds of people sign up, which is awesome, and kids clothes are a lot easier and quicker to make than adult clothes!

This time around, I have a new(ish) baby to sew for!  Here is what I did on Day 1:
Q is mastering the stand!

    I used Lil Blue Boo's Sienna Dress Pattern as my basic raglan-sleeve tee pattern, just shortening the pattern to make it a shirt.  Then, I used Shwin and Shwin's free Reversible Baby Pants Pattern for the pants, which are a perfect fit for my 8 month old. This entire outfit is upcycled from a pair of shorts and a couple of shirts in the Goodwill pile. Gotta love that!
Monday, October 1, 2012


It's been a while since I've blogged.  My little baby is now a crawler, which means that I can no longer plop him down and go about my random business as he watches me from a sitting position.

Here is what I've realized about myself--there are 12 things that I love or need to do in my free time.

These are:

--Reading for fun
--Reading for enrichment--finance, Hypnobabies required reading, scriptures, etc.
--Watching shows with my hubby
--Practicing Piano
--Attempting to teach myself guitar
--Reviewing my kanji (for fun, because I know I will end up in Japan at some point)
--Looking up new recipes and creating menu plans
-- Memorizing poems
--Searching for and enjoying new music

**I also have a "30 by 30" list I am working on (I will share that later) and am attempting to get my Doctorate in Language Arts in Celestial University (a Relief Society goal-setting program)**

Daily allotted free time for above activities: about 2 hours if everyone sleeps well.
Activities that did not make the cut: blogging (obviously) and surfing the Internet.  Even Pinterest is overwhelming to me lately.

I am trying to find that elusive balance of taking care of myself and taking care of everything else! I think it can be done, and even include blogging, if I am very wise about my "screen time". 

We will see...or, I guess, you will see...if I blog again soon.  I probably will start blogging all the time, now that there are many more things I need to be doing :)

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