Saturday, November 9, 2013

Sewing for a little girl...

I am on a mission to go the fabric district next month, but before I do, I have challenged myself to use lots of my fabric up! 
I have been doing lots of sewing for Cosette, because she is in the most need--mainly of shirts and dresses.  She loves them and for some reason prefers to wear dresses that I sew for her, which is awesome.    

The other day, she came out wearing this get-up, which is all homemade. This just makes me so happy!

She is wearing a dress made from this free tutorial and pattern.  I left off the layers and instead lengthened it to maxi length and added strip of stretch lace across the front--all materials from my big stack of Michael Levine Loft fabric, so super cheap!
She is wearing much-loved Lucy in a baby carrier made from scrap fabric, using a pattern from Little Things to Sew, which I checked out from the library--so pretty much free!
**I always like to point out the cost of making things, because it is worth it to me to make things cheaply. Otherwise, I would just buy them--my time is too precious!**

Here is Coco on Halloween, wearing a candy corn dress...finished at midnight.
Her school has a no-costume policy, but I really wanted her to wear something festive.
She loved it!

I bought a big discounted bundle of patterns last month, and this dress pattern was included.  It is the Sally Dress pattern, and it has no buttons or zippers, which means it is awesome!

Coco is always very appreciative of everything I make her (with the exception of one thing--maybe I can get her to model it, though)...and since she is my only girl, I am very appreciative that I have my one girl to sew dresses for!

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