Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Books vs. Movies--Wuthering Heights

I recently finished Wuthering Heights, which meant I could watch the film version starring Tom Hardy! I love movies, and even better, I love seeing books made into movies (although I am really scared about seeing Hunger Games, since the books stressed me out). Books and movies are two great joys in my life!

Now, Wuthering Heights the novel is something that took me a while to get into.  I just did not like Catherine or Heathcliff, but in the end, I did enjoy the story and liked how things got resolved. I could respect Heathcliff's love-craziness, although he is pretty evil. (But hello, no mention of Catherine or Isabella's pregnancies until after they have their kids?)

Wuthering Heights the film, as shown on PBS Masterpiece, was total drama, which meant it was amazing!

The film did take quite a lot of liberties with dialogue, love scenes (there are 2 very short sex scenes--be warned!), and Heathcliff's death.  But it did not neglect Catherine's pregnancy, see?

Fox and I watched the movie on Netflix--it was done in 2 parts.  The scenery and music were really good.  Tom Hardy as the brutal Heathcliff and Charlotte Riley as the crazy/selfish Catherine were perfect.  They had really great onscreen chemistry...

And apparently  off-screen!  The two actors met on set and got engaged after filming the movie. That little fact made me super happy, since I just love that stuff!

So that's how you know it's good casting :)  Now, Catherine and Heathcliff have a seriously disturbed relationship, so I still don't understand why Wuthering Heights was required reading in high school (is it still?). However, I did enjoy re-reading it, because of the very great ending with Catherine Jr. and Hareton.  And the movie was even better than the book, so hooray!


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