Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A Few Things

I am packing up my whole life this week to move to Japan, and needless to say, I am kind of stressed out. I have a lot of anxiety, which makes it hard for me to eat, sleep, relax, etc. I needed to remind myself of little things that make me happy, so here is my happy list. Yes, it is probably super random, but these things bring me great joy!

1.) Maybelline The Falsies Mascara. If you are a girl, you know that a good mascara makes all the difference. I have tried probably 15 brands of mascara, and this one is by far the best! I really love that $5 can buy bright eyes :)

2.) Poetry 180 is the Library of Congress' website featuring a poem a day for high schoolers. The poems on this site are really inspiring, and I especially love The Summer Day. It calms me down every time I read it.

3.) This lunchbag sewing project is so cute and fun!

4.) Sufjan Stevens is my love right now. His music makes me really giddy and also puts me to sleep at the same time. Come On, Feel the Illinoise! is my happy CD. It is bizarrely beautiful.

5.) Tangled! We saw this in the theater last week, and I loved it. It was really sweet, and the music was great. I have a thing for Zachary Levi, the guy from Chuck who voices the main male character, so I was super thrilled that he sings in it. The songs are really catchy.

6.) My kids and I have watched Dramatic Chipmunk and Dramatic Eagle probably 80 times. Gets funnier every time!

Aww..I feel so much happier now! Off to take a stress nap!

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