Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hiccup the Hero Hats!

We are big fans of How to Train Your Dragon around here, so when I saw this crochet pattern from one of my favorite etsy shops, I knew what my next baby project would be: Little Viking Hats!

First, I made the newborn size, as modeled by Pooh:

And then a matching big brother hat. I don't know why Cash looks so sad in this picture--I think he wanted to be the one to take the pictures:

I can't wait to see the hat on a newborn! If you crochet, Mamachee is an awesome pattern writer. Zero problems with a crochet pattern for possibly the first time ever!
Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I am not a huge lover of pink, unlike my sister Megan. I prefer to put a baby girl in purple :) BUT...I do like pink a lot.

Here are some fun pink things that have made me smile this week:

Strawberry Shake Milky Ways, imported from Russia to our local Toys 'R Us. Fox's favorite candy bar is Milky Way, so he was really excited about these!

Strawberry and Milk Flavor Pepsi. This stuff tastes like melted blue raspberry icee, so it is delicious! Don't worry--I only had a sip and gave the rest to Fox for his late night drive to church tonight. And no, I am not a Pepsi fan--I am just a sucker for limited edition flavors of any product!

And the cutest pink thing ever:

Cosette came out of her room after naptime cuddling her pink Snoopy in her new pink winter pajamas. If I let her choose her clothes, she usually goes for white, black, or orange--but she actually chose something pink this time! She has had a fever today, so it was really good to see her happy after naptime.

Now if only I could find some maternity clothes here that aren't in gray, black, or brown. Apparently, it's all about hiding that bump here!

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