Tuesday, January 1, 2008

My Baby Name Obsession Continues (International Ed.)

I am very obsessed with baby names. In fact, I have been keeping very detailed lists of my favorites since 1994. The list has changed slightly over the years. For example, my favorite girl's name from 8th grade is now off my list. So, no "Shady Willow" in our home if I ever have a girl. Sorry. Fortunately, I have a husband who is almost equally obsessed--he picked our baby's name when he was still in high school (lucky for him, I loved the name!). As newlyweds, we spent hours one night creating a master list of baby names to select from throughout our baby years. I feel like we have gotten alot of planning and pondering out of the way. Hopefully no celebrity will choose any of our names to tarnish with publicity!
In Japan, I am equally fascinated with baby names, particularly what would be the equivalent of "Madison" or "Hayden" or "Aiden". Here's what it comes down to, using the top ten baby names in the US and Japan in 2007:

Boys: U.S. : Japan
1.) Aiden : Yuuki
2.) Braden : Haruto
3.) Caden : Souta
4.) Ethan : Yuuto
5.) Caleb : Haruki
6.) Noah : Kouki
7.) Jaden : Takumi
8.) Connor : Kaito
9.) Landon : Hayato
10.) Jacob : Shouta

Girls: U.S.: Japan
1.) Ava : Hina
2.) Abigail : Yui
3.) Cailyn : Miyu
4.) Madeline : Haruka
5.) Isabella : Sakura
6.) Emma : Nanami
7.) Caitlyn : Ayaka
8.) Olivia : Honoka
9.) Chloe : Momoka
10.) Brianna : Aoi

Here are my students Haruna and Ayaka, who both have very popular names:

My favorite Japanese names for girls are Megumi (which also means blessing), Kumiko, and Sachie (sah-chee-ay). For boys, I like Kaito (kite-o), Kenjiro, and Shoki. Between Fox and I, we have students with all of the names on the lists above. In fact, in my preschool class, I have a Miyu, Myu, and Myuu. That's right! It's very difficult to call on the right person with the right name. I got corrected for saying Me-you instead of Mew when calling on Myu. I wonder what Japanese people would think of Aiden, Braden, and Caden?



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