Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sweet but not as Satisfying

Okay, here is my tiny felt cake! It was a quick project, and it only took two naptimes (the measurement of my free time according to my 1 year old's sleep schedule).

Sadly, it wasn't as satisfying as expected. Maybe I should have made the whip cream or done a felt doughnut. Yes, a cute felt doughnut is definitely next in line. However, it might be a while. My free/naptimes are now reduced to my obsession with finishing Les Mis (200 pages to go!) and my own daily naptime (thanks, rapidly growing fetus!).


Kelsy said...

SO cute though! Is it part of kitchen decor? or where will you put it? It reminds me of those really kewl pillows you made back in the day of the cookie and popsicle. Thats funny, I guess it stuck with ya!


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