Monday, June 28, 2010


Yes, I have erased the watch and read part of this post, because what I originally suggested was not appropriate. The book, Beatrice and Virgil, was good for about a hundred pages or so and then turned really ugly at the end. And the movie, well, let's just say sometimes I like things that might be grossly offensive to other people. Sorry!


I love the Noisettes, and I love how they covered the Killer's "When You Were Young". It is so beautiful (and much better than the orginal, in my opinion). I can listen to this song all day long! Isn't the lead singer so gorgeous, too? Just beautiful!

Enjoy! Anyone seen or heard anything great lately?


Larissa said...

fun! Jon always says I get weird movies so I should get this one just for him (: I was wondering how the new Martel book was - I think I will add it to my "to listen" audio book list! Thanks for sharing good stuff...I will have to think of some of my latest favs to post!


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