Monday, August 9, 2010

Birthday Fabric

My sisters gave me fabric for my birthday! Yay! So I used it. Because it's cute.
I used it on my little Coco, of course! Sewing for little girls is not only easy and cheap but so fun. Just a little fabric goes a long way, and there are a bazillion sewing tutorials online for anything you could want to make. Cash is feeling neglected.

My sister Meg gave me some cute cherry fabric, destined to be a dress for Cosette. After she broke her collarbone, she needed something to wear that wouldn't require her to lift her arms over her head. So, this little tie-on sundress (tutorial here) was perfect:

My sister Larissa gave me some super cute Japanese fabric, which I love. I knew it would be cute as a little lined toddler backpack, and Cosette had been stealing her brother's Diego one. This backpack is little, but it looks even smaller over Cosette's collarbone brace:

Cosette likes to travel light like her mama and only fills it with a few goldfish crackers at a time! Observe the light-packing!

Poor Cash--every time I make something for Cosette, he asks if I can make him something, too. I am making him a pirate doll, but that might be a while!


Pink Panda said...

Oh, Coco is just soo cute and you are so talented! It makes me want to fly out to Utah and have you make me something too! Will you make something for me too, huh, huh, huh? Maybe not a pirate though! Where did Larissa get that fabric? To die for! Hope Coco's arm feels better soon!

Helena said...

Wow, all of this looks so good! And Coco is adorable.

Larissa said...

SO CUTE! Glad my present got some use!


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