Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Watch, Read, Listen--Kids Edition

Life is a lot easier for me when my kids are finding joy in things around them, so here are some things they (and I) have been enjoying lately!


WeetWoo is a very cool app that has a library of kid-appropriate YouTube videos. We have YouTube blocked on our iPad, due to too many disturbing things on there, so this is a better option. Plus, it's sorted into different categories--animals, educational, kids' shows, etc. Cash loves old school Chip 'N Dale and Coco likes the strange Charlie and Lola.

Cookie Doodle isn't a video, but the kids sit still, so I count it as "watching". It is probably the most used app on our iPad--the kids can choose a cookie recipe (the actual recipe is listed, but I haven't tried any yet) and then virtually stir the dough, crack the egg, etc. Then roll, cut, bake,decorate, and eat the cookie. It is a really, really fun app, and everyone who tries it absolutely loves it. Very cute!


One of my greatest joys is collecting books I read as a child--I'm a little obsessed...and missing Paperback Swap, where I've gotten a ton of them. I think all of my siblings and I have a similar list of books we loved as children--we were read to and read a lot. The Funny Little Woman is one of my all-time favorite children's books, and I'm happy to say that my kids are obsessed with it as well. I got it about a year ago, and it has been the steady favorite. Cash has it memorized!
It's about a woman in Japan whose rice dumpling rolls under the earth. She goes searching for it and gets captured by the wicked oni! The book has taken on a whole new meaning now that we live in Japan and eat rice dumplings and see oni statues.


This is another childhood favorite that my children now love! I listened to Brite Music a lot as a child and remember a lot of the songs. The "Happiness" book is my favorite, and I found myself singing the "Whiny Child" song to my kids whenever they whine, which would make them laugh. So, I paid the money and got the whole CD/audiobook downloaded. My kids love it! They love all the songs and love to listen to the story. I wish you can buy the book to follow a long, but oh well. If you've never heard Brite Music, try and sample it. Shiny Brite is another one of my favorites that I sing to the kids a lot (especially the "Junk Food Junkie" song--they get a kick out of that!)
And randomly, Coco is obsessed with Taylor Swift's "Mean". She likes any songs that mention weapons and knives, which is in the first line. Oy. :)

What have your kids been loving lately?


Josh said...

My kids love to ride their bikes- back and forth on the stretch of sidewalk we never knew in Maryland. They love to create things and have recently drawn big orange circles with triangle eyes and noses and funky mouths for jack o lanterns. Oh, and pouring over halloween catalogs from oriental trading co.

Josh said...

That was me. Hee hee.

Debbie said...

Amy, thanks for these Apps. I have never heard of any of them before.

I really needed an alternative to You Tube, now I found some. Thanks again :)

Larissa said...

Oh memories! I have had Brite Music on my ebay watch for over 2 years and still have not found a package that I wnated, I will have to give in and buy it too - Junk Food junky and Shiney are stuck in my head forever! Think I can use your happiness download...hmm.. Shayla love the cookie app too and the one that is like it for cupcakes called Cupcakes! Thanks for sharing!

Larissa said...

And "Gratitude Attitude" is another great song!!

Larissa said...

P.S. I had to get Funny Little Woman too AND I told mom for Xmas I want her to find all the STandin Tall stuff she has and that will be the Xmas present to all the kids (once copies are made) We will see what happens there!


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