Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hiccup the Hero Hats!

We are big fans of How to Train Your Dragon around here, so when I saw this crochet pattern from one of my favorite etsy shops, I knew what my next baby project would be: Little Viking Hats!

First, I made the newborn size, as modeled by Pooh:

And then a matching big brother hat. I don't know why Cash looks so sad in this picture--I think he wanted to be the one to take the pictures:

I can't wait to see the hat on a newborn! If you crochet, Mamachee is an awesome pattern writer. Zero problems with a crochet pattern for possibly the first time ever!


Amber said...

Very cute! Cash looks so forlorn but adorable!

Larissa said...

so cute! I cannot wait to see big brother and little brother in the hats. Did you see there is a new How to Train your Dragon movie sequel dvd coming out of something?

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me said...

Cute! I love that you used Pooh as your baby model. :)


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