Saturday, March 2, 2013

Natural Living: Homemade Body Butter

Recipe here
   My family and I have been going down the rabbit-hole in healthy living research lately.  We are all pretty naturally-inclined, but my dad's 3rd recurrence with CLL has made a lot of us even more so--for me, I keep thinking about chemicals to avoid eating but also to avoid being absorbed through your skin, such as those in typical beauty products. The gist: aim for preservative/sulfate/dye-free products if you can. Go optimal health and natural living!
   As far as natural beauty products, I think the best options are often the simplest.  So, I got some shea butter (from Amazon--the pure unrefined kind), coconut oil, and orange essential oil and whipped this up (literally whipped--with a Kitchenaid--it was awesome!). The recipe is under the photo.

Verdict: This body butter is not for my dishwashing-dry hands, but it works great for the body (duh!). Also, orange oil is not my thing. I will definitely try this again with a different scent!

Bonus:  I did something I pinned! 

Double Bonus:  This body butter is technically edible! Hooray!


Pink Panda said...

Love it! I've heard about the stuff you can absorb thru your skin, but just think about it whenever I put lotion on. Next step is to actually buy/make some!


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