Friday, March 7, 2008


I love crafts. I aspire to be crafty. It is my dream to be able to sew something other than a plastic bag holder. Usually, I become fixated on a specific project that will remain nagging at me until I attempt to complete it. Attempt. If you were to look in my craft box at home (it's easy to spot--the lid doesn't close!), you will find:

-A lampshade frame, metal punch, three bags of jump rings and 100 of my grandpa's old slides in attempt to make a slide-lamp (circa 2005).
-A tile cutter, four bags of tiles, grout, and acryclic paints in an attempt to make a mosaic pot (said pot is somewhere on my brother's balcony. Someone painted the word "Boo" on it, probably booing my sad attempt. What? The tiles wouldn't stay on!)
-79 granny squares of a 180 granny-square afghan (circa 2001 when I should have been studying economics).
-A half-embroidered hula girl hand towel and the box from my Sublime Stitching kit.
-A few ink-transfer pens, circa 2005 also, when I decided to make a screen print of Conan O'Brien. My one and only attempt.

and, sadly, in my craft bag here, you'll find 69 crocheted flowers of a 100-flower scarf, destined for the scrap heap.

However, I have finally almost redeemed myself. I made something that wasn't edible! Two somethings! Here they are:

A photo holder:

And my first amigurumi, Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba. I used this pattern. Not bad for my first try. I definitely learned some stuff.

And all I have to say is thank goodness for the amazing dollar stores here! Where your crafty aspirations will only cost you a few dollars. Wish I could say the same for my mosaic equipment...




Larissa said...

Hey Amy - I do love your litle knitted/crocheted/whatever guy! Guess that goes to hsow how crafty I am, I don't know the difference. I, too, like to be crafty, but only EASY stuff! Hmm, what can I try?

Ru said...

Im catching up on your blogs... can ya tell. when i have a kid you'll have to make me a lil monster. I really like him


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