Sunday, March 23, 2008

So Much for No Sugar

My mom just sent me a bag of my favorite Easter candy, Hershey's milk chocolate candy coated eggs. So much for cutting back on the sweets. My hubby has told me he wants to go a year without candy. I agreed...and then laughed nervously...and then grabbed some more candy.

Meanwhile, I have made a felt cake! It is so cute and small. I just need to add the whipped cream and the strawberry. The cake was no problem, but the felt whipped cream seems intimidating.


Joanie said...

Sorry about the candy. I bought it
early in the season...I didn't mean to tempt could have given them away. I just had a 60% ghiredelli choc. sq. I am hooked...but one a day is all I need. And I can go weeks without chocolate, too. But I cannot absolutely eat cookies anymore. Love you..Mom


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