Friday, June 27, 2008

Using Up Yarn...

(aka What to Do to Keep Busy while Hubby watches Lord of the Rings. Again.)

I am trying to use up all the yarn I have bought, because I am in Japan and everyone here is frugal like that. This little penguin turned out to have a gigantic beak but eh. It only took a couple of hours to do (aka the pivotal scenes of Return of the King that always put me to sleep). Yes, I fall asleep during intense action sequences of all movies. I think it is a shutdown reflex. Don't even try to get me to watch 300 unless you have a pillow available!
Anyways, here is Paul my Polish Penguin (oops, did I make a big nose/Polish reference? Yes. Because I can.):

Here is the pattern. I know, mine is not that cute. Maybe next time!
Pablito the Penguin Pattern


Kelsy said...

cute!you should have made the forehead a little flatter. j/k. ur right, we polish can say that.

Larissa said...

love the polish penguin! I have also been known to shut down/fall asleep at overly stimlating movies too!


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