Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Have any of you heard of ChaCha? It's a free text messaging service that debuted in January 2008. I had never heard of it, until a friend of mine mentioned that she signed up to be a "guide" and started making money by answering texts. I am all for making money, so I signed up, too. After passing a few tests, I got accepted as a guide and now get paid .20 per question. So, if I am online e-mailing or blogging, I am also answering random questions that people are texting in and making some mula! It's not much, but it's fun...and hey, I'm already on the internet so I might as well get paid for it!

Here are some of the q's I've gotten recently. I am definitely learning some random things.

--What is the circumference of a 1200 pound moose? (15 feet!)

--How many pounds of poo does the average person go a day? (.22 to .44 pounds according to poopreport.com)

--What is the best way to catch crappie fish? (Um, crappie bait...yeah)

And sometimes I get fun questions like "How can I get Erica to like me?" or "What should I eat for dinner?" It's all pretty random. I have a feeling that alot of ChaCha users are teenagers with unlimited text messaging!

P.S. I just made $1 while typing this post. That will buy me one stalk of celery in Japan. Woohoo!


Pink Panda said...

good idea, Amy Jo!!!

Kelsy said...

ha. people people. thats fun!do u answer w/ a phone or online? do you get creative w/ answers like: u can get erica to like you if u cook tofu.?that's so cool


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