Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Let the Girliness Commence!

Okay, so I am having a girl! The Chinese gender predictor was right! My husband is jumping for joy. He thinks having a girl will somehow make me more girly. Apparently, he doesn't think I'm girly enough. Maybe it is my love of super short hair, shunning of getting my ears pierced, love of zombie movies, or refusal to wear high heels. Who knows? And while I don't know if having a girl will magically turn me into a girly girl, what I do know is that for now, at least, I am getting excited about a little more pink in the house (although I swore I would never be a mom who dressed her girl in all pink...all the, ahem, some people).

Anyways, I have a friend due with a girl the week after me, so I wanted to make her a little gift before I left. Here is the finished product of some Mary Jane booties:

The thing that I love about booties is that you can make a cute pair in the time it takes to watch a movie. If you've read my other posts about crafts, quickness is a big deal to me! I got the pattern off of Etsy. It is so easy and cute--does the pink make it even cuter? I will just have to make these in another color to find out!


Ru said...

I love these JO, way cute...I'm so jealous of your knitting abilities. Do they come in my size ;) love ya


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