Friday, March 19, 2010

Spring, Come Quickly

After playing outside with my kids today, I came inside frustrated that, after two days of warmth (okay, 50 degrees but we got to play outside for a few hours!!), we got hailed on in the middle of a sunny day. This happens alot in Utah. Anyways, trying to stay positive, I noticed outside the roiling storm clouds on the horizon against a bright blue sky, sunshine, and pellets of hail. It was a really neat effect. I thought of how my mom often says "How can you see a sunset and not believe in the gospel?"

And I found this wonderful quote:

"Can any man who has walked beneath the stars at night, can anyone who has seen the touch of spring upon the land doubt the hand of divinity in creation? So observing the beauties of the earth, one is want to speak as did the Psalmist: 'The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork.' All of the beauty of the earth bears the fingerprint of the Master Creator."

-Gordon B. Hinckley

I tried to find a good image of springtime online and just pulled up one I took in Japan at the height of cherry blossom season:

This picture makes me so happy. For two weeks, during cherry blossom season, everyone flocks to parks to relax under the blossoming trees and celebrate nature. You bring a lunch or buy a candied apple nearby and just enjoy springtime. America needs to adopt this.

So, Spring--please come quickly and stop teasing me. I can only try to stay positive for so long! I need some sunshine!


Pink Panda said...

Plan your next vacation around the Cherry Blossomes here in D.C.(April 2011 baby!) and we can spend four days under the beautiful blossoms, trying out every cupcake store downtown!


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