Monday, March 15, 2010

Table Love!

We got this new table at Ikea, and I love it! Both sides can fold down, so you can stow it away, but ours usually looks like this:

I am just so thrilled that there is that fold-out leaf, because that means I can keep my sewing machine out all the time! My sewing machine is an old, heavy metal one. I hated lugging it out of the closet and then having to put it away whenever we ate. Sometimes it would sit on our table for days in the middle of unfinished projects, and we would have to eat on the couch--no fun. Now, I can keep it out and just prop the other leaf up when we need to eat. It makes me so happy, because sewing is not an ordeal anymore. I have gotten so much done, and I just love being able to sit down and sew a little bit throughout the day. It is the next best thing to having my own actual sewing/cutting table. Hooray! Oh, the six super deep storage drawers are really nice, too! We've got the "notions" side and the "playdough and accessories" side for quick fun!

P.S. Here is a recent sewing project: a reversible cape (pattern is here) for Cash with Superwhy and of course, Batman. Very fun and easy!


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Lanie Ree said...

I saw this table!! And I really want it because why not? It doesn't take up any room, and it's so convenient when you need more surface space!


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