Friday, October 22, 2010

The Sadie Shirt

I did the Sadie Shirt sew-a-long this week with Craftiness Is Not Optional, one of my favorite crafty blogs. While the sleeve length reminds me of a Chinese grandpa's pajamas, this was a really fun project, and my family appreciated me sewing a little bit a day, rather than trying to finish a project late at night. The shirt is super lightweight, which is perfect for Coco, who generally hates things touching her skin. She will scream bloody murder if any blanket touches her feet at night. It has to be draped just so over her upper body.

Very weird kid with a very weird mullet, but I love her!


Pink Panda said...

I love her too! Don't tell me I won't be able to see her for a year! At least we can skype!

Helena said...

Bahaha, I love the mullet. And that shirt is cute. But your kid is even cuter :)

Larissa said...

Yeah we do need to send C some hair from S (: Anyway so cute! This would be a great adult shirt too!


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