Sunday, January 16, 2011


The moving stress has vanished! We are now safely settled in Japan, land of no insulation, in the middle of winter. I am getting serious ab muscles from shivering constantly :)
But it's all good--because Japan has many wonderful things to make up for their intense seasons.


Daiso--Japan's most popular dollar store. This place sells wool yarn, button covers, fabric, felt, and so many cooking goodies, like nori seaweed heart punches! Also, pillows, slippers, plants. It's amazing.

France sticks--Japan has so many baked goods, just a huge section of pastries in every store. Yummy! Last time I was here, I was a big fan of Nice sticks, but I have since discovered France sticks. Just a big long piece of sugary white bread filled with caramel cream or almond cream. Under $1. Yes! I won't say how many of these I have had for lunch!

Japanese bathrooms
--No, I'm not talking about the squatter toilets or even the nicely heated toilet seats. Sadly, we didn't get a cool toilet seat this time. I am talking about pretty much unlimited hot water and deep soaking tubs. There is a reason why Japanese people take daily baths. Another cool and random thing: Our toilet has a sink built into it, so when you flush, the sink runs with the clean, refilling water. Saves space and water. I think it's pretty neat. Also love that the toilets have a "little" flush option and a "big" flush option.

--Our new city has a Dream, my favorite store for craft supplies and fabric. All the fun Japanese fabric I have been wanting is here! In America, it's $16 a yard, whereas here it's about $6. It's probably a good thing that I didn't bring my sewing machine.

--of course! My kids have been eating miso soup and udon, which warms my heart! I have been using Japanese mayo on pretty much everything--it is so yummy! And the 50 cent blocks of grilled tofu and pineapples for $1 are really nice!

So I am cold but happy! We can still get American TV on our computer, so I have been watching "I Used to Be Fat", which also makes me happy--such an uplifting show. Fun to watch while eating France sticks :)


Larissa said...

You crack me up! Fun and yummy times ahead! Glas the kids are eating miso and udon! woo-hoo! You will have to take photos of the france sticks and your toilet sink too so we can get a better picture of it! Okay love ya!

Pink Panda said...

Wouldn't that be weird to wash your hands in the toilet? Glad you are doing well! I loved the pastries in Spain- so good, so if the ones in France and Japan are the same- watch out! ;)

Keith, Heather and Carsen said...

Sounds so great! I need to go there one day so I can experience all these great things!! miss you guys!


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