Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monkey Majik!

One awesome thing about Japan is that all of the pop music has random English phrases. In fact, a lot of the songs have English titles like "Take it Easy" or "Baby I Love You"--and then the songs are all in Japanese except for a few key lines. Fox and I get such a kick out of this, because we're pretty sure most of the songs have nothing to do with the randomly inserted English phrase.

Well, we recently discovered a band that uses a lot more than just a few English phrases--Monkey Majik!! The singers are Canadian (one of them was teaching English here and became a popstar!), and the musicians are Japanese. So, the songs are a really good blend of both languages. We are obsessed with this song, but it doesn't have a good video. So, here is our second favorite:

Do you love it? If so, here is the English translation of the whole song. Embrace the pop-i-ness!



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