Thursday, March 1, 2012

Reading Love

Articles: Your Refined Heavenly Home by Douglas Callister is the best church article I have ever read.  I read it often, because it is just so beautiful and well-written.

Books: Wuthering Heights, currently.  I read it in high school and can not remember anything about it.  I love to read books and then watch the film adaptations, so the real reason I'm reading it is to be able to then watch the version with Tom Hardy in it. Not to actually, you know, brush up on the Classics.

Kids' Books: Goodnight iPad.  It's so cute! We Give Books has so many great books on it!

Website/Blog: is fun--click the button and it takes you to a random tutorial.

Poetry: I have challenged myself to memorize a poem a week (as if I didn't need any more distractions from memorizing Japanese kanji).  Last week was Invictus, my Grandpa's favorite poem. This week is Ebeneezer Bleezer, for my kids. I have had these memorized before but then forgot them.  It has been a really good mental project for me while I sit and nurse throughout the day.

Also, this is currently my favorite poem right now. It's beautiful and makes me happy!

I have been daydreaming about American libraries lately...and magazines...
please distract me from thoughts of these luxuries with anything else good to read!


Pink Panda said...

Lovely! I've been trying to memorize my patriarchal blessing. My brain fizzed out after a while and now I am resting. Phew. Loved that fav poem!

Larissa said...

Amy - I love hearing your favs! Those are all great sites and references! I used to memorize poems when I ran but that is hard to do with kids or running buddies, but then again I can rehearse it to the kids - great encouragement! I love the ones you shared! And thanks for that Book website - very cool. We have read that Ipad book before -so cute!

Carole said...

Nice post. My favorite poem(short one that is) is Ozymandias


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