Monday, March 5, 2012

Stashbusting!: Melly Sews' Rose T-shirt Pattern

  As you know, I am trying to use up as much fabric as I can before we leave Japan next month. So, when Melissa of Melly Sews offered up a free pattern of her not-yet-released Rose T-shirt Pattern to those who wanted to test it out, I jumped on the chance to try a new pattern AND use up some of my fabric.

   I made a small and added a bottom band for length.  The pattern was well-written and super easy to follow.  Sewing with jersey knit is great now that I have a stretch needle, but the fabric is a little thin for me. It works, though.  I am in the very awkward post-baby stage where literally 5% of my clothes fit me, so hooray for a free, new shirt!

And can I just say that I am getting my haircut on the way home from the airport once we get to the U.S.  I haven't wanted to get it cut here, where I can't describe what I want very clearly, and now my split ends have split ends.  Really.  So I am so excited for a haircut---and short this time!


Larissa said...

CUTE shirt! Short and blonde or brown or red or what (: I think you should go short and blonde and be a fresh CA girl!

megh said...

Great job! I hope you post pics of any other projects you do. Also, where are you guys heading after Japan? Oregon? Please?

Keith, Heather and Carsen said...

How cute!! Are you guys moving back here? or just coming for a visit? the new baby is adorable!! :)


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