Wednesday, October 10, 2012

KCWC Day 2

  For Day 2, I crocheted my 3 year old a cat hat, as she doesn't really need more clothes.

The cat pose!

Okay, maybe she does need more clothes--I just didn't want to sew! She did need a hat, though :)

   After I put the kids to bed, I got way too caught up in a couple of episodes of Walking Dead Season 2 that just got put up on Netflix.  I have a weakness for zombie shows! I crocheted during the extremely scary parts.  This is just your basic beanie with some rough draft ears I attempted and a bow made from crocheting a strip and then wrapping yarn around the center to look like a bow. Tada!

After I put this hat on her, she found some face paint and wanted to be a cat.  She meowed on the couch for a good half hour like this.  Good times...


Pink Panda said...

cute!!!! It could be a good Halloween Costume!

Larissa Nelson said...

This ones great too! Love the photo of coco too - so classic!


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