Monday, October 1, 2012


It's been a while since I've blogged.  My little baby is now a crawler, which means that I can no longer plop him down and go about my random business as he watches me from a sitting position.

Here is what I've realized about myself--there are 12 things that I love or need to do in my free time.

These are:

--Reading for fun
--Reading for enrichment--finance, Hypnobabies required reading, scriptures, etc.
--Watching shows with my hubby
--Practicing Piano
--Attempting to teach myself guitar
--Reviewing my kanji (for fun, because I know I will end up in Japan at some point)
--Looking up new recipes and creating menu plans
-- Memorizing poems
--Searching for and enjoying new music

**I also have a "30 by 30" list I am working on (I will share that later) and am attempting to get my Doctorate in Language Arts in Celestial University (a Relief Society goal-setting program)**

Daily allotted free time for above activities: about 2 hours if everyone sleeps well.
Activities that did not make the cut: blogging (obviously) and surfing the Internet.  Even Pinterest is overwhelming to me lately.

I am trying to find that elusive balance of taking care of myself and taking care of everything else! I think it can be done, and even include blogging, if I am very wise about my "screen time". 

We will see...or, I guess, you will see...if I blog again soon.  I probably will start blogging all the time, now that there are many more things I need to be doing :)


Pink Panda said...

Maybe I can pass the blogging torch off to you. I've decided to focus on others things in my life, like reading Les Miz and practicing piano for our Christmas Program. I can't do Pinterest anymore either! Overload!

Larissa said...

Love reading anytime you blog - your 12 things are pretty similar to mine (esp the trying to learn guitar much for playing lullabies to our babies on guitar, well maybe for you!) Balance in life is always hard but I have found when I put the right priorities first I tend to find a bit more"free" time for other things. love ya!


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