Thursday, January 8, 2015

Reading Challenge 2015!

I love to read, but I tend to read the same things over and over:
a.) Food memoirs 
(other people's business plus recipes? Two of my favorite things!)
 b.) Books by my tried and true authors (like Dave Eggers or Elizabeth Berg)
c.) Novels that are getting lots of hype 
(the best ones seem to be by first-time novelists)
d.) Cooking/health/parenting books
e.) Books about to be made into movies 
(I will read pretty much any book so that I can justify overly criticizing the movie)

Books I don't usually go for:
Philosophical, non-fiction, murder mysteries, Jane Austen and similar classics, books with disturbing subject matter (obviously), and biographies
In an attempt to branch out,

I can think  of a few books already.
Book I should have read in high school? Frankenstein or Scarlet Letter
Book my Mom loves? Walden 
Book everyone has read but me? Outlander or Unbroken

Take this challenge with me...or maybe recommend some books that would work?
  The fun begins!


Larissa Nelson said...

Yeah I love it! I will totally do it too! Okay...hmmm a few suggestions! Definitely read Unbroken! One of my top 10 ever read for sure! Outlander is engaging but the series is VERY VERY long and there is a lot of sensual stuff in it. Most of the other categories seem easy to choose as they are in line with what you read already (; Hmm have you read any Lisa See books - here's are always great but I have to space out the Chinese fiction. Also I think you would really like Moloka'i or Honolulu
by Alan Brennert. Have you read those - those could fit under a book you like because of the cover or a book recommended by someone with great taste! Let me know what else you find!

Larissa Nelson said...

Cutting for Stone by Abraham Verghese a great one too! Have you read anything by Jodi Picoult? She is always on my lists but I never get around to one of her books and want to this year!

Larissa Nelson said...

Okay I thought of a few more great ones - Have you read anything by Francince Rivers (new genre - Christian writer?) Her books are great. I have read the Mark of the Lion series! And Gabriel García Márquez - author in another language - love his books too! Love in Time of Cholera.


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