Friday, March 13, 2015

Things that are making me happy this week!

    It's Friday!
I had a really great week, thanks to a new couch and lots of sunshine!
Here are some more things that made me super happy this week!

1.) The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

 This is a new show on Netflix (produce by Tina Fey and her husband) about a girl who gets rescued from an Apocalypse cult after fifteen years and adjusts to a new life in New York. I actually find a huge part of the show really annoying (her gay, super dramatic roommate) but love how positive Kimmy is in every episode and all the bright colors she wears. Just a fun twenty minutes, and I love the flashbacks to how they entertained themselves in their underground shelter.

2.) My first grader is studying Sea Life and was coloring a picture of a manatee.
She asked me what color it should be, and I grabbed a random grayish crayon from the box.
Look what the color was called!

So perfect! What timing! We all got a big kick out of that :)
3.) Mustache Baby
We got this book from the library last week, and I have read it to my 3 year old at least a few times a day since then.  He has it memorized, so it is so cute to hear him read along with me. This book is adorable!

4.) My 1 year old's third word is "Batman". It is the cutest..he says it after his siblings  sing the theme song.

5.) My 8 year old's first book hangover!  My oldest son has been tearing through the Underland Chronicles and has read all 5 in the past two months.  I let him read as long as he wants in bed (homeschool perk!), and he came into my room late last night having finished the series. All day today he has kind of moped about wondering what he should read next. Underland is written by the same writer as Hunger Games, so he thought he would stick with the same author and read her next books. Um, no, never. 
It still makes me happy to see that he is experiencing the kind of mild sadness you get after finishing a really long, great book. 

So many good things! Spring is coming!



Larissa Nelson said...

Oh love this thanks for sharing! Haven;t heard of the new Netflix show so will check it out! And yes I bet Shay would like the Underland Chornicles! I want to read them too! YOu need to video Arthur saying Batman (;

Anonymous said...

Like this blog its got a positive vibe


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