Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Heart Amigurumi

I love the cuteness culture in Japan. It is totally commonplace to see cartoons advertising everything from beer to banks. My love for the cuteness culture has grown even more, since I've discovered tons of amigurumi patterns online.
Amigurumi (translation: crocheted stuffed toys) are distinct from other crocheted toys in that they originated in Japan, have large heads in proportion to their bodies, and are just stinking cute. I can spend hours looking at all of the amazing creations out there in the crafting world. I got hooked as soon as I saw this on Etsy, from Owlishly:

I am now obsessed with finding the perfect amigurumi to crochet for my little one's birthday, just a few months away. Which one should I choose?

Click on these to check them out:

Ana Paula's cute patterns

Ami List: The Ultimate Free Pattern Resource!


Larissa said...

How cute! Makes me want to learn to crochet - they are all so cute! I found one you should make for Fox - a ninja -

- Larissa

Larissa said...

I like the polar bear for Cash (:

brandy said...

Where did you find that adorable dinosaur?! I'd love to make one for my son, but can't find it in the links you provided...

Pabkins said...

could you tell me where you found that long eared bunny pattern on the web so I can purchase/make it? Thanks! I've been scouring all over!!

tlabunski ats the gmail dots the com


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