Saturday, December 8, 2007

Jones Soda

Those of you at my baby shower last year will recall that I requested Jones soda, because it's my favorite. Jones' Blue lemonade is, in my opinion, the best soda ever, and that's something considering I don't drink much soda. It's so sweet, you'll feel the cavities growing! Anyone unfamiliar with Jones soda can learn more here.

In the last few years around Christmas time, Jones has put out limited edition sodas, including Turkey and Gravy and Cranberry Sauce.
Here are the new holiday flavors for 2007!

The Chanukah Pack includes Chocolate Coin, Latke, Applesauce, and Jelly Doughnut flavors:

The Christmas Pack includes Sugar Plum, Christmas Tree, Christmas Ham, and Egg Nog flavors:

Yum! Meanwhile, I took a fun quiz to determine what holiday flavor of Jones soda I'd be.
You Are Smoked Salmon Pate Soda

Tasting like fish ain't so bad!


Ru said...

Hey Amy I am Pecan soda...It said that i am sweet but totally nuts

Larissa said...

IY am Broccoli Casserole Soda - "Vegetarians taste better" fitting huh??? :arissa


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