Thursday, December 20, 2007

Learning to sleep

Since I became a mother, I have been warned of this moment from every other mother I know, except my own. The moment when you have to lay your child in the crib awake and just leave the room. I swore I would never do it, leave my baby to cry alone in the dark. I was even sworn to co-sleeping. But, after having the little one wake every hour or two (three and a half on a great night) for the past nine months and after having tried several "no cry" methods, I got exhausted and ordered a book called "The Sleepeasy Solution", which basically told me to do what I had been dreading. I know, I paid money for a book that tells me what everyone else has already told me, but this book sympathizes and actually tells you to burn the book if you feel terrible in the morning.
So, two nights ago, I did it...I laid baby boy down awake in his crib and nervously sat myself in the living room to wait out the hours of screaming. Well, those "hours" were only twenty minutes and that screaming was more like an annoyed cry. I was amazed.
And this morning, my little man slept in and I had 3 hours to myself!!! Tonight, I laid him down awake, and he rolled onto his tummy and was out like a light. He didn't even want me to rock him in my arms--he wanted to be sleeping in his crib. So, he was ready for it. I don't think I was. There is nothing that can compare to the feeling of seeing your husband and your baby cuddled up together for an afternoon nap...except maybe getting three hours to yourself.
Bye-bye buddy naps...

but hello happy, rested baby


Larissa said...

I love the pic of the boys sleeping! Yay! SOunds like it is working? How long will he sleep now at night before he wakes up???


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