Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ichiban Website=Ichiban Suki!

Or "my new fave"! Hubby and I have been watching Heroes these past few weeks. Hooray for free TV on DVD rentals at our local library! Anyways, there is a character on there named Hiro, whose story line is all in Japanese. Watching the show, we have really started missing Japan. And bonus points for us that we can understand a lot of the conversation without using subtitles!

Some of the things we miss, we have been kicking ourselves for not bringing back to the U.S. I had planned on bringing back bento kits from the dollar store there for my kids. Alas, our suitcases just couldn't hold any more souvenirs.

I am a little crazy about bento boxes. Luckily, I found this awesome website that has super cheap bento boxes (I love this one)!

On top of that, it has some really fun rice molds! Like this one:

So, my dream of sending my kids to school with their own little bento sets can be fulfilled for under $10. Hooray!

For some bento inspiration, here is a picture of a traditional Japanese child's bento:

I loved to hang around for lunchtime in my preschool classes in Japan, because I got to see all of the creative bentos put together lovingly (or competitively?) by all the mamas.

If you're interested, definitely check out Vegan Bento Blog for more amazing bento shots!

Can you tell I'm a little excited?


Joanie said...

haha even mommies play with their food. Wayyy cute

Larissa said...

we are sistas! I have a file full of lunch box ideas including bento fun ideas for lunches that I am keeping and adding to for when Shay goes to school - is it bad I bought her lunchbox with compartments before she was born? I think I will become addicted to bento when I start making school lunches too?


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