Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Make Something Cool...

Every Day in April! That's this month's craft challenge hosted by Dabbled. Check out that link to learn more about it. Basically, the goal is to strive to make something creative every day, which should be fun. I am taking the challenge, because I have lists of projects and bags of materials laying around my house. I'd say that cleaning up by crafting more is definitely inspiring!

I am a late starter to the challenge, but I worked on these all last week...so I'm counting it! I'm addicted to making taggie blankets. They are so fun, soft, and colorful. I've made a few so far--my daugher loves hers!-- and here is the latest:

Yesterday's Craft: Kimono Booties
I have some random sushi-print fabric. When I saw this pattern, I knew how I would use the fabric. This was such a quick, fun project. If baby girl's feet weren't humongous, they would look great on her!



megh said...

i am so glad that you are posting on this blog again...and that you are crafty. i love seeing what other people have created and getting ideas for tutorials and projects i would like to try out. i LOVE the taggy blanket.

Dot said...

Hi! Thanks for joining MSCE April!

I've added you to the list... go meet your fellow players :)

You can see the list of participants (and even grab the code to add it to your blog if ya like) here: http://www.dabbled.org/2009/04/boston-trip-review-and-updated-msce.html


Joanie said...

Amy...cute bootie shoes! Are you gonna make a taggy blanket for Miles Dennis Tangen? This is fun. I love the bunny pops..they are crazy funny laughable cute wierd. Did Kelsy really eat one? ~Love,Mom


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