Saturday, May 30, 2009

All About Waldorf Dolls

I have been a little obsessed over Waldorf Dolls lately. They are so cute! Waldorf dolls are used in Waldorf education, which is an educational philosophy developed by Rudolf Steiner that places heavy emphasis on imagination and free-play. Thus, the doll doesn't have much expression, so that the child can use their imagination. These dolls are expensive at over $100 for one, but you can also make your own. I've seen some great tutorials here and here. Or you can buy a kit from Joy's Waldorf Dolls.
Here are some of my faves--
This one is from Joy's:

--complete with nursing bra!

And this one is from Snazzle Craft, which is such an awesome blog.

I just love how chubby this little one is--and there is a pattern for his quilt and clothes on the blog. The top picture I showed is part of a Waldorf doll hair tutorial. So cute!


Larissa said...

I didn't know you liked waldorf dolls too! I debated getting one for Shay but for another reason that you did not mention. They are supposed to be made very heavy so that the feel of the doll feels like a real body next to them when they sleep. Maybe when I transition her to toddler bed I will give in if I can find one affordable or if you want to make us one (:


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