Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ms. Molly Monkey

I found this awesome, free pattern for Molly Monkey here and wanted to try my hand at it. It was so fun and such a satisfying project. I couldn't find brown corduroy anywhere, so I had to make do with the stripey stuff, which makes it look like a sock monkey. The skirt is made from Moda's Love is in the Air charm pack (uh oh, I really, really like charm packs. They make me want to quilt. Could I ever be a quilter?)
I really like hand embroidery, so my hubby (who draws way better than I do) traced an "anime face" on.

Coco loves it, too. This is just seconds before she ripped off the hat and started gnawing on Molly's head.


Larissa said...

adorable! Makes me want to be crafty!!!


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