Saturday, May 2, 2009

MSCE wrap-up

Makes Something Cool Everyday in April has ended. What did I think?

Let's see. I attempted to create something every day in April. I made a few baby beanies, some booties, a little pillow, and started cut-outs of a few different handbags. What I learned? Crafting needs inspiration, not deadlines! However, I did discover something about myself. Every day in April, I tried a new recipe without even thinking about it. That is just me. Trying new recipes is something that I get great pleasure out of, even if I won't eat what I'm cooking (I'm kind of picky!). And all of my cooking creations were successes--hooray!

So, right now, my craft boxes have not diminished in size as a result of my completed projects. In fact, the boxes are now overflowing with new projects to complete (oops!). At least my baking supplies have gotten some great use!



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