Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Cook from the Book: Cornflake Cookies

I didn't take pics of mine--this is from online--but my cookies looked a lot like this.

   I recently finished the book Paris, My Sweet, which I loved!  Definitely worth the $6 on Amazon! One thing I loved about it was how the author has lists for the best sweets in Paris and then also in New York.  

  At the top of her list, for the #1 sweet to try in New York, was Momofuku's famous Cornflake Chocolate Chip Marshmallow Cookie. She rated it #1 over all of the cupcakes and pies and cakes she has tried as a "sweets columnist"! So--I was very intrigued!

 Since the internet has everything, I found the recipe in several places, like here. I must like torture, because I am not eating sugar right now yet still decided to make a batch of these cookies. I did break down and eat half of one--and then got a headache. Worth it. Luckily, I made them for a girl on bed rest, so they were out of the house quick! Sad for my husband, who could have easily eaten the whole batch!

  If you decide to make them, you first have to buy cornflakes and mix in sugar and butter and then bake them into a "cornflake crunch". I have a feeling that if you just use frosted flakes, you will get the same effect with much less effort.  Also, the recipe calls for making giant cookies--but I think the cookies turned out better when I made them small. The big ones spread too much.

 Despite the fact that I couldn't really eat them due to my bajillion cavities,  they were fun to make and try--but not sure they would be #1 on my list for best treats, although they definitely were a huge hit with everyone who tried them (the girl I gave them to texted me with "Must.Have.Recipe.")  

Guess I'll have to go to New York and see what would be #1 on my list!


Larissa Nelson said...

Yum! I tried these before too but I think it was a shortcut recipe as I did not have to sugarfy my cornflakes before the recipe...hmm...now I have to make them again! I have a few new babies coming for friends, so I like that strategy! Yes hmm the frozen hot chocolate in NY at Serendipity is top of my NY sweets list!!


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