Sunday, April 7, 2013

Covert Robin Swap!: Sent

    Last month, I signed up for the Covert Robin Craft Swap, and here's what I made:
First, a sling bag, using Pink Chalk's Mail Sack Pattern. This is the fourth bag I've made using this pattern--I love it!  It is a great size and lets me use up all the random home dec fabric I have! The pouch is the Bella Pouch Pattern--which is cute and a perfect size for wallet and keys! I take mine everywhere!

How do you photograph a bag??

I am (quickly) using up all my Japanese fabric.  It's too cute to just sit there!
Japanese fabric for the pockets!

I added a crochet rose brooch for fun! 

I had fun--I always have way more fun making things on a deadline! My recipient sent me a sweet grateful letter--she has 9 kids and can definitely use the extra bag :) I was so happy she liked it!


Elita en Suisse said...

Oh, what a cute bag Amy! Very well done, especially for a mum with 9 kids!

Pink Panda said...

So cute, Amy! I want one for my birthday!

Larissa Nelson said...

Very cool - these remind me of the 31 bags reversible Inside out bag - love the style!


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